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360 Video of Hang Gliding in Santa Barbara, California

Glider Flight PathSanta Barbara, California – While finishing up the BECK project in Hollywood, part of the team went North to do a little hang gliding on the coast. We met up with 3 time US  National Hang Gliding Champion Zac Majors and his local instructor friend Willy Dydo – who take us on an awesome ride through the mountains of Santa Barbara, landing at East Beach just out of downtown… This 45 minute flight produced a 4 and a half minute 360 journey through the mountains and town ending up right next to the surf in Santa Barbara.

As Zac describes : This time of year can be difficult to find optimal conditions for soaring and our first attempt was shut down by impossible wind conditions…  Our second morning broke with low lying clouds and fog in the surrounding hills.   However  we decided to head up and as we approached a popular launch point called Eliminator, the sun began to poke through.  By the time we had the gliders prepped and 360Heros camera mounted, nice puffy cumulus clouds were hanging above and the wind was perfect.  I climbed 3000 feet on the thermal to find my glory halo in the clouds !

In the end it turned into a great soaring day and we could have sailed all the way to Magic Mountain 60 miles away !

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Pilots: Zac Majors aka Zippy and Willy Dydo
Location: Santa Barbara

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360 Video Stitched via Autopano Video by Kolor